27, Jan, 2014

Karen Rontowski, of Late Night with David Letterman, is a terrific radio guest!

Marti MacGibbon’s new talk radio show, “Kickass Personal Transformation,” features fascinating guests like hilarious comedienne, ghost hunter and paranormal investigator Karen Rontowski. Karen’s interview aired live on January 13th, 2014, but you can listen on demand to her show on Marti’s YouTube channel, and to all archives on Pure Motive Radio network’s site. In 2012, Karen headlined Marti’s annual charity fundraiser, Laff-Aholics Comedy Benefit for Recovery.

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15, Nov, 2013

Laff-Aholics 2013 Raised $11,320 for Beneficiaries

We are starting a new tradition here in Indianapolis: an annual show called Laff-Aholics Comedy Benefit for Recovery. Some people erroneously think that they can’t experience laughter and having fun without drinking and/or using other substances. We have proved these people wrong! Likewise, some new in recovery people think that they could only have fun with their drinking/using friends that they left behind in bars and clubs. Wrong again. Our Laff-Aholics shows are held in a clean and sober, restorative environment, where unlike comedy clubs, alcohol is not pushed on the customers. Our people have a great time.

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