15, Nov, 2013

Laff-Aholics 2013 Raised $11,320 for Beneficiaries

We are starting a new tradition here in Indianapolis: an annual show called Laff-Aholics Comedy Benefit for Recovery. Some people erroneously think that they can’t experience laughter and having fun without drinking and/or using other substances. We have proved these people wrong! Likewise, some new in recovery people think that they could only have fun with their drinking/using friends that they left behind in bars and clubs. Wrong again. Our Laff-Aholics shows are held in a clean and sober, restorative environment, where unlike comedy clubs, alcohol is not pushed on the customers. Our people have a great time. So sit newcomers and veterans: laughing hard and sharing the moment with hundreds of similarly minded people — a pool of potential new friends. This experience creates a sense of fellowship and promotes recovery. Since our first show, we have heard from audience members how much the event inspired them. Some of our 2011 neophytes in recovery have evolved into mentors for today’s newcomers.

We producers have been fortunate to book outstanding comedians- veterans of Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson as well as its successor The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, HBO and Showtime. We have even had a winner from the show Last Comic Standing. In addition to performing stand-up, some of our comics have written for television series and other comedians. So we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our productions.

This year’s performers included headliners Dr. Bill Miller, of Showtime and the hit solo show, Dr. Bill’s Bad Bedside Manner, and hilarious headliner Kevin McPeek, writer for Everybody Loves Raymond and Will & Grace.

Marti MacGibbon, Laff-Aholics founder, producer, host and emcee kicked off the show. She is a standup comic, certified addiction treatment professional and author of Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom.

Like its predecessors, Laff-Aholics 2013 was a complete success. Everybody involved with the show had a wonderful time! The audience of more than 550 people roared with laughter. The comedians enjoyed working in an exceptional environment for such appreciative, responsive listeners. The producers relished seeing everything come off without a hitch. In addition to raising $5660 in profits from ticket sales, the event received a matching $5660 from The Lawrence W. Inlow Foundation to achieve a grand total of $11,320!!!

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