4, Oct, 2013

Turn Stage Fright into Fun

Okay, you’ve booked a radio spot⎯ an opportunity to talk about your book, your business, and whatever else is important to you. And you’re feeling jumpy. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, and they’re driving you crazy. Your mouth feels tense, or your knees feel weak, or you’ve got cotton mouth…sound familiar? If your answer is yes, read on. You can turn this completely around.
As a professional speaker and standup comic, I’ve experienced all of the above and some even more dramatic “fear” signals in the course of my work.

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8, Sep, 2013

Seven Kickass Tips for Better Writing

Writing is something we all do, every day of our lives. We compose emails, social media posts, write heartfelt letters to friends and family or crisp missives to business associates. Some people are gifted wordsmiths, delighting everyone with their talent, and yet they don’t think of themselves as possessing any special writing skills. Others know they’re writers, because they are published authors or popular bloggers. No matter how⎯or if, you see yourself as a contender in the literary world, you can’t escape the fact that you are a writer.

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26, Dec, 2012

Overcoming Public Speaking Fear: Surefire Techniques

I love speaking and doing standup. I’ve performed in front of audiences of thousands and wowed them, and groups of less than a dozen people, and done just as well. But I didn’t start out that way. I learned by trial and error. And I learned some valuable techniques that I now use in any and every public speaking situation. You can use these tips and probably save yourself some of the growing pains I experienced.
When I started doing standup, I sought the advice of comics I admired. I asked them how to be a better performer. Most comics told me to simply keep getting up on stage.

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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking: Prepare Your Mind and Find Your Motivation

Experts agree that fear of public speaking is one of the most common, if not the most common, phobias in modern society. This doesn’t surprise me. What does in fact, amaze me, is that millions of people who fear public speaking are required to do it on a regular basis – at work, doing presentations and reports, for example – and they suffer miserably as a result. They endure silently in order to keep their career positions. Many resort to powerpoint, so they can hover in darkness and simply read from the screen, rather than interact with their audience.

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