Marti MacGibbon

30, May, 2018

Enjoy Life More: Read Books

In addition to being Mental Health Awareness Month, May is Get Caught Reading Month. One reason you might enjoy reading is because it reduces stress. Every night before going to bed, try spending some time with a book-perhaps something inspirational, which includes spiritual or self-help/life improvement books, some classical work of fiction, or just something that has characters or circumstances that engage you.
Perhaps you will enjoy savoring writing that is well crafted. You can use leisurely reading as an effective way to prepare yourself to sleep by separating yourself from the stress-building issues you faced during the day.

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18, Dec, 2013

Setbacks: Opportunities in Disguise

When you’re presented with a setback on the way to your destination, does your brain scream out, “Game over!” ? Or are you energized and spurred on to innovation and expanded creativity? Attitude is everything, and perception is reality. When you allow yourself to perceive setbacks and challenges as opportunities in disguise, you are rocketed into the realm of new possibility. But how do you maintain an attitude that welcomes challenges and obstacles?
The key is cognitive, it’s in your thoughts. Everything you think, say and do creates a physiological and psychological reaction…at a cellular level.

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15, Nov, 2013

Laff-Aholics 2013 Raised $11,320 for Beneficiaries

We are starting a new tradition here in Indianapolis: an annual show called Laff-Aholics Comedy Benefit for Recovery. Some people erroneously think that they can’t experience laughter and having fun without drinking and/or using other substances. We have proved these people wrong! Likewise, some new in recovery people think that they could only have fun with their drinking/using friends that they left behind in bars and clubs. Wrong again. Our Laff-Aholics shows are held in a clean and sober, restorative environment, where unlike comedy clubs, alcohol is not pushed on the customers. Our people have a great time.

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