Marti MacGibbon’s compelling, dramatic and funny stories educate and inspire listeners. Her warmth and high energy onstage are contagious, and audiences come away feeling that anything is possible and armed with simple, effective techniques they can use to transform their lives.
Marti brings a sense of humor to difficult issues, provides how-to strategies for meeting challenges, presents tools for recharging and increasing motivation, and shows audiences how to manage fear and tap into gratitude.

Speaking topics are customizable to the audience.

NEW! Inspirational and Wellness Workshops

These three virtual presentations have been well-received by mental health, medical, and legal audiences. 

Post Traumatic Growth and Trauma Resolution

Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, provides both clinical and experiential insights as she shares her unique expertise during this in-depth session in a way that only Marti can. Marti reveals her down-to-earth personal recovery experience with candor and heartwarming humor to illustrate how trauma resolution in her own therapy set her on the path to post-traumatic growth. This session will discuss mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioral work, and cognitive reframing as tools for trauma resolution. Attendees will consider post-traumatic growth (PTG) within a bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework and as a common and universal experience. So often, mental health professionals and service providers tend to focus on post-traumatic stress, while not embracing the opportunity to examine post-traumatic growth as both a process and an outcome. Benefits of PTG include seeing new possibilities, sparking positive changes in relationships, expanding coping tools and strategies, and deepening appreciation for life itself. During this three-hour workshop, Marti also explores secondary and vicarious PTG in a refreshing new light.

“PTG can be experienced by an increased sense of self-reliance, a sense of strength and confidence, and a perception of self as survivor or victor rather than a victim.” — Shakespeare, Finch, and Barrington, 2012


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Explain how PTG is not the opposite of PTSD
• List examples of mindfulness practices as tools for managing trauma and PTSD
• Verbalize the impact of trauma on individuals with substance use issues and vice versa, and how trauma resolution and SUD recovery work together toward long-term positive outcomes for individuals and society
• Describe at least one scenario in which behavioral health professionals can facilitate post-traumatic growth and trauma resolution
• Verbalize the concept of, and the evidence-based reports of Vicarious Post-Traumatic Growth (VPTG) in social workers, medical professionals, emergency first responders, etc.

Simple Strategies for Self-Care, Self-Kindness, and Empowerment

This inspirational, humorous session focuses on simple strategies for reducing trauma and stress using daily, consistent self-care and self-empowerment skills. The solutions and information provided in this session showcase new research on stress management and explore how mindfulness practices refresh your spirit, mind, and body. Participation in mindfulness meditation, visualization, and discussion is encouraged, but not required. Marti MacGibbon is a mental health professional who is living in long-term recovery from substance use disorder, trauma, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Her knowledge is both clinical and experiential — and she’s funny!


Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
• Describe the key ways in which trauma and stress interact, and how to use that knowledge to self-empower, manage trauma, and effectively cope with ongoing daily stress
• Disseminate facts regarding personal trauma, vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, and burnout, as well as self-care recommendations
• Explain how to re-think one’s relationship with stress, and how to harness beneficial stress responses to connect better with others, achieve goals, and prevent burnout
Describe how self-kindness, mindfulness, positive visualization, and other self-care and self-empowerment skills offer benefit “in the moment,” while maintaining energy, focus, and self-empowerment at home, at work, and in personal relationships

The Intersection of Human Trafficking and Substance Use Disorder

In an unparalleled perspective, Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, provides candid in-depth clinical and experiential insight and expertise on interconnected, often-hidden aspects of human trafficking and substance use disorders. Attendees will examine and discuss the bi-directional relationship between trauma and addiction, how societal stigma and self-stigma play a powerful role in the vulnerability and the silence of victims, and why people with substance use issues so often do not disclose their chemical dependency or report being a victim of a crime. Marti provides summaries of federal and state cases of drug-facilitated human trafficking (HT) around the United States – both labor trafficking and sex trafficking – as well as examples of sex trafficking occurring in a treatment facility and labor trafficking in a court-mandated treatment facility. Attendees will learn best practice recommendations for trauma-informed care and tips on engagement with survivors. This presentation includes information about human trafficking, vulnerable populations, and facts vs. mistaken beliefs about both HT and SUD.


Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
• List key facts (vs. misinformation) about human trafficking, key facts (vs. misinformation) about substance use disorders, and how societal stigma affects vulnerable population
• Explain how and why some traffickers target detox centers and SUD treatment facilitiesDiscuss detailed tactics of coercion used by perpetrators of drug-facilitated human trafficking
• Verbalize trauma-informed, survivor-informed best practices


Classic Inspirational, Business and Wellness Keynotes, and Workshops

Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom

Marti shares her personal comeback story from human trafficking, addiction, and homelessness to a standup comic, professional speaker, and bestselling author. Using humor, Marti reveals the core beliefs and simple, effective strategies she used to pull herself up from rock bottom.

You will discover:
• Strategies for stress management to keep you laughing all the way up
• Quick and effective attitude-adjustment techniques
• How to use positive self-talk and visualization to transform your life

Derailed? – Get Back on Track

Marti is a resilience expert. She’s triumphed over human trafficking, homelessness, and addiction to become the success she is today. Marti will provide strategies for building resilience and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges.

You will discover:
• How we all are responsible for our own success
• How to find solutions in the face of adversity
• Resilience-building exercises that will arm you to meet challenges and difficulties
• Tips you can use to transform your attitude and keep you flexible and persistent

Kickass Personal Transformation

Marti MacGibbon reveals fun strategies she used to turn her life around from victim of human trafficking, trauma, drug addiction, and homelessness to triumphant survivor, resilience expert, mental health professional, bestselling author, and professional speaker and humorist.

You will discover:
• Meditation exercises and positive visualization techniques you can use to change your life
• How to use affirmations and mantras to change your brain’s chemistry and achieve a positive outlook
• Why focusing on one day at a time is a game-changer for personal transformation


Hope After Dope

When it comes to carrying the message of recovery, laughter wins. Marti shares stories of hope with humor, drawing from her life experiences as both an addict and addiction treatment provider. She offers clinical information about the disease of addiction and insight into implementing a successful program of recovery and relapse prevention.

You will discover:
• How having fun and “feeling good” are keys to building a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle
• Simple yet powerful “happiness exercises” you can start using in the moment
• Fun ways to make lifestyle changes and build life skills
• Daily practices for relapse prevention

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Simple Strategies for Self-Care, Self-Kindness, and Empowerment


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking: Victim to Triumphant Survivor

Many sex trafficking victims do not survive — even after rescue. The experience is so traumatic that survivors kill themselves, lose their lives to drugs, or are drawn back into the world of trafficking and disappear. Marti MacGibbon survived, healed, and now works as an advocate and activist, lending her voice to the anti-trafficking movement. Marti brings inspiration, hope, and even humor to her own story of survival, how she turned her life around, and what is being done to combat human trafficking, a billion-dollar criminal industry.

Marti provides:
• Tips on how to recognize possible victims of human trafficking
• An emotional connection and a glimpse into the effects of trafficking on a victim
• Strategies for building stress management and emotional resiliency skills

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The Intersection of Human Trafficking and Substance