Positive visualization

3, Jan, 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello 2014. You’re a new year, and since you just arrived three days ago, we’re on our best behavior. Lots of my friends and business associates have written farewell posts to our former year, 2013, sometimes commenting on the good times, occasionally bidding good riddance to the bad, and opening their arms to you, 2014, and all they’ll achieve in your company.
Well, I am also looking forward to working with you, 2014, and to accomplishing great things together with you. You’re bringing a lot of value to this relationship. Twelve months of time, packed with opportunity, a fresh outlook, and a chance at total renewal.

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25, Jun, 2013

Marti MacGibbon’s “Happiness” Interview Has 26, 382 Listens on Blog Talk Radio

Positive visualization really does work.
Blog Talk Radio is the largest social radio network with millions of listeners worldwide. Marti spoke with host Lorane Gordon on her show, “Journey into Now.” Marti shared her story of triumph against all odds, and revealed how she used the power of visualization to survive human trafficking, drug addiction and homelessness, and then went on to create the life of her dreams. In the interview, she shares simple, effective strategies and tips to relieve stress, lift mood, and manifest peace and prosperity.

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