31, Mar, 2015

Tonya Rine

UCSletterMy acquaintance with Marti MacGibbon began in December 2014. I called Marti to discussa speaking engagement to benefit a homeless shelter and services center. It was a formal ballroom dance event held in Evansville Indiana where the primary audience would be business professionals who were supporting our organizations goals to end homelessness. As I spoke with Marti and discussed how our organization served women and men in our community, I was impressed with her knowledge in trauma resolution. Everyone has stress and adversity in their lives and Marti explains how to find peace and show grace through these times and it is inspirational to hear her story. Her compassionate personality along with experience made conversations enlightening and interesting.

With Marti’s vast knowledge in trauma resolution, we decided to have Marti speak at a luncheon for healthcare professionals and area crises centers for individuals, the day prior to the formal ballroom dance event. She prepared her message which took a more in depth look at the impacts of drug addictions and homelessness and the audience was captivated by her ability to weave light humor in with her stories. I had several individuals tell me that they could listen to Marti all day.

I strongly recommend Marti for any speaking engagement. She has the ability to “feel the audience” and generate a message that people appreciate hearing. In addition to being an excellent speaker, she believes in the power of the human spirit and encourages us to take a look inside.

Tonya RineCPA, TreasurerUnited Caring Services

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