2, Dec, 2016

Jill Hill

ysisuMarti MacGibbon is strongly recommended as a speaker and presenter on the topic of substance abuse, mental health and human trafficking. Marti came to Ames, Iowa in September 2016 to help my organization and other local providers to celebrate National Recovery Month. Marti MacGibbon spoke to an audience of about 500 people at Iowa State University-Memorial Union about the topic of hope, resilience and empowerment when impacted with life obstacles. Marti was an excellent presenter, which included heart-felt messages, sharing herpersonal tragedies and how to overcome those life events. Marti used humor, but still sent an excellent message to the audience.

The response from the audience was overwhelming and the feedback was phenomenal regarding the messages she left with all attendees. I can’t emphasize enough how Marti was easy to work with in setting up our event. She was mindful of cost associated with our event, especially for our nonprofit organizations. We were very pleased at how she worked hard to reduce the cost and emphasized more importance of sharing her story and how all people can overcome and deal with our fears.

I would strongly recommend Marti MacGibbon as a speaker and my organization will certainly bring her back to Ames, Iowa for other events in the future. A huge thanks to Marti MacGibbon for her commitment to helping to send the message of “hope” to all people who have struggled with adversity and life challenges.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jill Hill, IADC
Associate Director of Addiction Services, YSS

Jill HillIADC, Associate Director of Addiction ServicesYSS

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