20, Jul, 2021

Taya Smith

For International Women’s Day in 2021, the Her Campus chapter at Wilfrid Laurier University held a virtual event at which Marti MacGibbon spoke about her triumphs and how they have led her to be a more empowered individual. Marti was not only a pleasure to work with, but also to listen to via Zoom. Marti adapted her presentation for a virtual format seamlessly while engaging and interacting with the groups in attendance. Her story is unlike any other, and her perseverance is a keystone element in her hardships. Marti left a lasting impact on not only the audience, but the university community as a whole. Even though the pandemic has rendered her unable to attend as many in-person events, we are so thankful to have met and worked with Marti and we consider it a gift to have been brought together. Thank you for everything Marti, you truly are an inspiration.

Taya SmithDirector of EventsHer Campus at Wilfrid Laurier UniversityToronto, Canada

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