22, Aug, 2016

Shelly Todd

Our goal was for staff to feel inspired, rejuvenated, to laugh a lot and enjoy the day. Marti was able to produce those results with her energy and humor. The audience was laughing out loud and even crying with laughter at times. Not only was she funny, but her story of how she overcome barriers in her life was inspirational. Marti presented her “game changers” to give us real exercises we can practice to stay energized, refreshed and give us the strength to sustain ourselves in the difficult work we do each day. In preparing for this event, Marti was easy to work with. She took our ideas and theme for the day and was able to prepare a presentation that incorporated everything we were looking for. Marti was responsive and listened to our needs. We highly recommend Marti as a speaker for audiences of social services staff.

Shelly ToddStaff Services AnalystHealth and Human Services AgencyNapa, California

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