15, Aug, 2017

Martha Seal

Many of my friends and colleagues have let me know how much they enjoyed your presentations on July 19th and July 20th, and how impressed they were with your energy and message of hope and understanding. As you know, the Evansville area works collaboratively to promote drug and alcohol prevention and treatment while working with local, regional and state law enforcement; your presentation was appealing to all three types of service providers. It was also noted from those of us who attended both presentations that you never repeated a personal story, keeping the audience engaged and more aware of addiction and recovery. When the Prosecutor, Fire Chief, Coroner, law enforcement officers, drug & alcohol counselors and public take time from their busy schedules to attend a presentation, I would deem that quite a success!

Martha SealMPSA, Developmental DirectorHolly’s HouseEvansville, IN

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