23, Jun, 2015

Joyce Abramson

FreedomReferralTo Whom This May Concern:

It is with much pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation. Marti MacGibbon recently was the key note speaker for Charles County Freedom Landing’s Wellness and Recovery Center’s annual conference. This year’s conference was entitled “Many Paths to Wellness”. Marti shared some of her lived experience with addiction, domestic violence, homelessness and mental illness. More importantly, she shared strategies that can create positive change in anyone’s lives.

The conference participants included individuals who are working on their recovery, family members and providers involved with mental health, social services and other human service agencies. The evaluations indicated that Marti’s information was helpful and she held people’s interest. She is a warm, dynamic and entertaining speaker who can speak on numerous topics and travels throughout the country providing useful information and hope to others.

We were fortunate to have Marti MacGibbon participate in the agency’s conference and spend a brief time with our Southern Maryland audience. We hope that our paths to wellness may cross again in the future.

Joyce AbramsonExecutive DirectorCharles County Freedom Landing Inc.La Plata, MD

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