22, Jul, 2021

Gene Sandwina

Marti MacGibbon. That’s it, say no more. And here is why: As a high school teacher I have used dozens of speakers to enhance my Health and Life Skills curriculum, especially for sensitive and difficult topics like drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and trauma recovery. I chose Marti to speak virtually with my students in 2020, not about the depths of her despair and her rock bottom, but for her resilience in the face of unfathomable challenges. Marti delivered a passionate, relevant, and amazingly humorous presentation of her personal journeys and the inner resources she called upon to not only survive but to thrive. My students had an instant connection with her and gained new knowledge and insight into their own challenges. Marti MacGibbon, a blessing and an inspiration for all of us.

Gene SandwinaTeacherWindsor High SchoolWindsor, California

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