25, Nov, 2015

Diana Thomi

VinVrecommDear Marti,

We would like to thank you for being our Keynote Speaker for our Annual Camp Victory Women’s Weekend! Your humor started our weekend with a lot of laughter, and your Keynote address was filled with triumph, hope, and encouragement to live life fully, and to look back on our difficulties in life with faith, passion and joy!

As you found out, Women’s Weekend is a fun, educational and therapeutic time for women who are newly diagnosed with cancer and the highlight of the year for returning campers. Many of the ladies commented on how you lifted their spirits and made them appreciate their lives more, and that ” progress not perfection” is what’s important. You had a part in making this weekend a memorable time for each of the ladies who attended, and for that we are so grateful!

You have a gift of using your life experiences to encourage us, to make us laugh, and to put our difficulties in perspective. Your honesty and openness is refreshing, and you bring new awareness to the problem of human trafficking unlike anything we have ever heard! Your strength and ability to laugh has touched all of our lives and you gave us reasons to never give up. On behalf of all of the “Camp Victory” Committee and attendees, we thank you! You touched many lives with hope and encouragement this weekend.


Diana Thomi RN, BS
Executive Director

Diana ThomiRN, BSVictory in the ValleyWichita, KS

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