20, Jul, 2021

Chelsea Bradley

Marti MacGibbon spoke at my organization, Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier University’s International Women’s Day event. This was done so virtually and her delivery method was incredible. I was engaged the entire time, learning so much from Marti and her experiences. Everyone in attendance felt the same. Even with touching on heavy topics, her positivity radiated throughout the entire presentation, leaving me in utter awe and amazement at her excellent outlook on life. Marti has this incredibly positive aura that I could feel through the computer screen. She taught us all so much with her experiences and story and I left that presentation learning so much and having a different outlook on life. When I think of an idol in my life, Marti is who comes to my mind and I will encourage others to listen to one of her presentations, and I would not be surprised if they too felt the exact same way.

Chelsea BradleyCo-PresidentHer Campus at Wilfrid Laurier UniversityToronto, Canada

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