31, Mar, 2015

Charlene Ventura

CVentura2Recently our organization had the privilege of presenting Marti MacGibbon as guest speaker at our event. Marti is both effective and inspiring. She is a courageous and animated speaker who uses her own personal story to empower others. Her candid and witty presentation helped insure the success of our event.

Marti has the ability to address a serious topic in a way that keeps her audience engaged. Her down to earth style thoroughly entranced our guests. In evaluations, ninety-two percent rated her presentation as good or excellent. One hundred percent of attendees indicated that the event raised awareness of human trafficking, while ninety-two percent indicated their awareness of domestic violence issues was enhanced as well. Marti’s presentation helped us achieve these two major goals admirably.

Charlene VenturaPresident & CEOYWCA

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