25, Nov, 2015

Brittany Yates

APNAletterMarti MacGibbon was the keynote speaker for our annual state conference in September 2015. Ms. MacGibbon delivered an inspirational presentation laced with humor, honesty, and hope. Through the sharing of her life experiences with addiction, trauma, and mental illness, Ms. MacGibbon showed her audience of psychiatric nurses that recovery is possible; and she gave us insight into what we as psychiatric nurses can do for others in even the most trying of times. Ms. MacGibbon provided exactly what she advertises, and does so with great authenticity and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Marti MacGibbon as a keynote speaker for other audiences of mental health professionals.


Brittany Yates, MSN, APRN, FPMHNP-BC
Chapter President
American Psychiatric Nurses Association – Kentucky Chapter

Brittany YatesMSN, APRN, FPMHNP-BC, Chapter PresidentAmerican Psychiatric Nurses Association – Kentucky Chapter

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