3, Sep, 2013

Eight Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Bliss

Life is precious and fragile, so why spend time stressed out and anxious about the future or past when you can be serene and steady, living in the present moment? Make an action plan to counteract negative thinking and resulting negative emotions that can drain you of energy and joy. When you practice any or all of the following strategies, you can build your enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and fun. You’ll notice you’re more relaxed, more productive, and more optimistic as you apply the following techniques:
Exercise Daily. Physical exercise reduces stress, counteracts depression, and pumps up your energy.

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2, Jun, 2012

Conscious Practice of Gratitude

Conscious practice of gratitude is changing my attitude and I’m feeling the benefits! I’m working a 28-day gratitude makeover program, inspired by Rhonda Byrne’s book, “The Magic.” I finished Day 7 and am on to Day 8. Gratitude has been my mainline, my go to emotion since I got into recovery in 1995, and it always gets me through any rough spot, crisis, or difficulty. When we celebrate every single thing we possess, earn or receive, knowing that life is a gift, the positive energy generated from this practice opens doors and reveals opportunities.

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