5, Jul, 2015

Marti MacGibbon advocates in D.C. with National Survivor Network

Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, is a humorous inspirational speaker, certified mental health professional, and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. Ms. MacGibbon is an empowered survivor of international human trafficking, domestic violence, and post traumatic stress disorder who advocates for victims and survivors. A member of the National Survivor Network, Marti was selected to join a team of survivor leaders on an advocacy trip to Washington, D.C.

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23, Nov, 2014

Adversity Speaker Marti MacGibbon Keynotes CAFE Event

Marti MacGibbon delivered a high-energy, inspiring and often humorous keynote speech at the Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE) Thanks & Giving Luncheon on Nov. 20th in Indianapolis. Marti is an expert on overcoming adversity, humor, trauma resolution and addiction. She is a survivor of human trafficking, PTSD, domestic violence, homelessness, and hard-core drug addiction who turned her life around using simple, effective strategies and a daily program of renewal. Today, Marti is a nationally known speaker, nationally award-winning author, certified mental health professional, and human rights advocate.

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15, Nov, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Receives Standing Ovation at NYSOTA Conference

Humorous inspirational speaker and nationally award-winning author Marti MacGibbon delivered the keynote speech at the New York State Occupational Therapists Association (NYSOTA) Annual Conference in Albany, NY. These outstanding health professionals help people to adapt, bounce back, and discover new strengths within themselves. Ms. MacGibbon is a survivor of human trafficking, PTSD, and homelessness who is a certified mental health professional and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. She spoke on the topics of resilience and connectedness. The capacity audience honored Marti with a standing ovation.

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10, Feb, 2014

Stay Connected, Take Action, and Create Positive Change!

Staying connected helps you to stay flexible and open minded.
Courage to stand alone. Yes, it’s an admirable character trait, and sometimes life requires it. But don’t slip into a mistaken belief that you have to stand alone through every trial and tribulation. You don’t have to take on life’s challenges all by yourself. Build a support network of positive people, and celebrate staying connected. Mentors, colleagues, friends, loved ones, even pets can help you maintain a positive outlook and upbeat attitude.

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