9, Nov, 2012

Storming the Gates of Resistance, Mustering Badassitude, and Chick Power!

You never know the impact you have on another person’s life. Words, thoughts and actions of an individual are tremendously powerful. Since October 20th, I’ve experienced a number of physical and emotional challenges, and on certain days I’m tempted to get depressed and defeated, which is not a badass attitude. And I’m a badass…so I resist that temptation by remembering people who inspire me.On the really rough days, I remember Somaly Mam and her amazing life and accomplishments. I met her on October 18th, and she invited me to visit her at the Somaly Mam Foundation in Cambodia, an offer that moved and inspired me deeply.

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16, Apr, 2012

When It Takes a Badass to Stay the Course, Be a Badass!

I’m visualizing a badass, successful day today, full of hope, beauty, laughs, and prosperity. Visualization opens doors, but action walks me through those doors and into the room. I believe in the power of affirmation, positive self-talk, and visualization to achieve my goals, and I have seen dramatic results in my life. But none of those processes can deliver without a solid action plan in the moment.
When I began my journey of kickass personal transformation, I’d been a hardcore drug addict for nine years. I was indigent, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and had been living much of that time as a street person.

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