8, Jul, 2014

Kickass Personal Transformation – 07/08/14 – Interview with Louis Gossett Jr. on Recovery & Humanity

Listen to Louis Gossett Jr. talk about recovery and humanity with host Marti MacGibbon.

With regard to recovery, Louis Gossett Jr. sends a very clear message about who really is in charge, but how we can make the best of our own personal journey, and how we are all on Gods time.

On the topic of racism, Mr. Gossett shares he thoughts about how close we have come to Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream”, and his personal experience and conversation he had with Nelson Mandela upon his release. He explains how racism may be in our DNA, but it doesn’t have to be implanted in our children; rather, through shamba, Swahili for plantation, we can plant different seeds in our children and watch a better world grow forth.

Other topics include Barack Obama, his book “Actor and a Gentleman”, and a Life Time Achievement award.

Mr. Gossett speaks openly about his disease and his recovery. What he is grateful for. The importance of recovery meetings, even while you travel. In addition to what the future has in store. The message he sends to our children at the end of the show is profound, and it demonstrates the care and compassion he has for not only the children, but for everyone on this planet, especially those who have received the brunt of discrimination, and even the planet itself.

This is a powerful and profound show woven together with the threads of care and hope. It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

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