Human Rights

21, Dec, 2023

Labor Trafficking in Marijuana Production: a Hidden Epidemic in the Shadows of the Cannabis Industry

As part of her continued efforts to increase awareness of human trafficking, Marti MacGibbon recently contributed to the article ‘Labor trafficking in marijuana production: a hidden epidemic in the shadows of the cannabis industry’ published on the Frontiers website.
Labor trafficking in marijuana production remains a concealed epidemic within the expanding cannabis industry. This abstract brings attention to the systemic exploitation of vulnerable individuals engaged in cultivating, harvesting, and processing cannabis.

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9, Jun, 2020

Stand Against Racism: Now is the Time

I stand against racism, and I stand with the peaceful protesters demanding an end to the systemic violence and racism which we’ve witnessed most recently in the death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. And this oppression and cruelty has flourished for over four centuries in America. Black people get killed in broad daylight, and where is the justice? We cannot continue like this. As a white person, I know that it’s my responsibility to speak out against racism, stand against, it — each and every day.

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