6, Jan, 2016

Laff-Aholics 2015 Raises $11,450 for Transitional Housing Facilities in Indy

Laff-Aholics Comedy Benefit for Recovery 2015 raised $11,450 dollars for our beneficiaries, Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation and Foundation for Court Promoted Recovery. Both beneficiaries are non-profits in Indianapolis that provide access to treatment for addiction and mental health services. Humorous inspirational speaker and standup comic Marti MacGibbon  is founder, producer and emcee of the annual event. One hundred percent of the profits from the show go to beneficiaries. In the five years since the inaugural event in 2011, Laff-Aholics has raised approximately $40,000 for various beneficiaries, including Dove House, Talbot House, Pathway to Recovery, Beacon House, Lucille Raines Residence, J.R. Jessee Sober Living, Rich Recovery, and place of P.O.W.E.R.

Laff-Aholics' venue is the IMA's Toby Theater.

Laff-Aholics’ venue is the IMA’s Toby Theater.

And the money is only one aspect of Laff-Aholics’ reach, and its benefit to the recovery community. The show features nationally headlining comedians with national TV credits. The venue is the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Toby Theater, a 530 seat auditorium. Laff-Aholics has been very successful, with sold-out shows and theater seats filled to capacity. The audience roars with laughter, and the love, optimism, and high energy is healing and energizing. This year’s headliners were Dave Landau of Last Comic Standing, and Doug Starks, a Las Vegas headliner who tours internationally. For people in recovery, especially those who are new to the recovery lifestyle, the event provides not only laughter, but social connectivity and proof that you can live a substance-free and still have a lot of fun.

Marti MacGibbon, founder, producer and emcee, with headliner Dave Landau

Marti MacGibbon, founder, producer and emcee, with headliner Dave Landau

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