4, Sep, 2015

Standing Ovation for Marti MacGibbon at Four County Counseling Center

Humorous inspirational speaker Marti MacGibbon delivered a high-octane, uplifting and motivational talk to mental health professionals at Four County Community Mental Health Center in Logansport, Indiana. Four County CMHC provides mental and behavioral health services, and addiction treatment services, to citizens in four counties of rural Indiana. They offer adult, child, adolescent, family, residential, in home, and outpatient care, as well as job programs. Their contribution to the overall wellness, safety, and quality of life for all members of the community is considerable, and their dedication is obvious. The 300 professionals honored Marti with a standing ovation.

Marti MacGibbon’s personal story of overcoming human trafficking, domestic violence, severe post-traumatic stress, homelessness, and hard core drug addiction to become the success she is today makes her a favorite with audiences, because she shares simple, effective strategies she employed to heal and create a happy, successful life. Anyone can use Marti’s techniques to create positive change in the small details of life, or to triumph over the biggest challenges.
Marti also signed copies of her award-winning memoir, Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom.

A testimonial from the event planner:

“Thank you for sharing your experiences and your humor with us. The entire room roared with laughter at some of your antics. You are such an enjoyable speaker. I do not believe I have ever seen our crowd give a standing ovation to anyone, yet at the end of your presentation, all were on their feet! You are an inspirational to all who work in behavioral health. It reminds us why we come to work each day. It means a lot.”

– Donna Henry, RN, BSN, Senior Vice President of Residential and Clinical Services, Four County Counseling Center, Logansport, Indiana

Speaker Marti MacGibbon with event planner Donna Henry, BSN, RN

Speaker Marti MacGibbon with event planner Donna Henry, BSN, RN

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