26, Mar, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Interviews Renowned Addiction Expert Terence T. Gorski

Internationally renowned research psychologist Terry Gorski’s work in the field of addiction and recovery is impressive. His research on relapse prevention is brilliant. For many years he has worked to improve the lives of those who suffer from the disease of addiction, guiding both patients and practitioners in recovery and wellness.

Mr. Gorski is a colleague, instructor and mentor to me. I am honored to have sat down with him for a very informative interview on my blog talk radio show, Kickass Personal Transformation with Marti MacGibbon. My listening audience is primarily people in recovery from addiction, chronic pain and more, and they are individuals who are interested in improving all areas of their lives while staying grounded, stoked, and optimistic.

Terry Gorski is a lively, engaged guest who, with clarity and humor, educated and encouraged us regarding the recovery lifestyle. You can listen to the show here.

tgorskiMore about Mr. Gorski:

Terry Gorski is an internationally recognized expert on addiction, relapse prevention, mental health, violence, and crime. He has authored numerous books and articles, and has years of experience working with first responders.


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