20, Feb, 2013

Marti MacGibbon returns to the Oh, Mary! Show, L.A. Talk Radio in Los Angeles

img0067Hip and Funny Radio Hosts Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek welcomed Marti MacGibbon to their uber cool show on L.A. Talk Radio. The Oh, Mary! Show has over 170,000 listeners worldwide. Mary and Paul discussed Marti’s bestselling drug/recovery memoir, Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom. Both Paul and Mary praised the book, the quality of the writing, and the power of the comeback story. Marti discussed her motivation for writing the book, the power of recovery, and the fact that you can come back from anything, no matter how far down you have gone, with positive thinking, daily renewal, and some effort applied with a sense of humor.

Marti MacGibbon has been doing a lot of radio interviews to promote Never Give in to Fear. The book is a darkly funny, cautionary tale, and an inspiring comeback story. As San Francisco Book Review said, “Never Give in to Fear is a book everyone needs to read. This is not only a story about the danger of drugs, but about the power of the human spirit.”

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