4, Dec, 2012

Marti MacGibbon Featured on World Positive Thinkers Radio

img0033As featured guest on World Positive Thinkers Radio, Marti MacGibbon talked with host Ken Bossone and c-host Pam Lontos about how positive thinking helped her to escape from human trafficking, find her ideal mate (while homeless and hitchhiking) and triumph over addiction.

Few speakers have a personal comeback story as riveting and inspirational as Marti’s. She hit absolute rock bottom in every way, but by discovering and implementing a powerful personal program of daily renewal, she healed and recovered from severe drug addiction, being trafficked into modern slavery, domestic violence, and post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss caused by enduring a life-threatening experience involving repeated rape and physical and psychological injury. Marti emerged from her downward spiral with her sense of humor intact, and she draws from a deep inner wellspring of joy and enthusiasm which is contagious to audiences as she shares simple, effective ways to get anyone back on track.

Praise from Radio host Ken Bossone, aka Mr. Positive: “Marti was on my radio show today, November 27. She is the most inspiring guest I have had in my two years of broadcasting…Her story is breathtaking and I was sitting on the edge of my chair all through the interview.”

Listen to the broadcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/worldpositivethinkers/2012/11/27/laughter-overcomes-adversity

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