4, Dec, 2012

Enter the Kickass Creative Zone

img0047In your thinking, what kind of Kickass Moves do you have? Are you flexible enough? Or are you too rigid? Flexibility is a quality worth developing, maintaining and exploring. People who cultivate a flexible way of looking at themselves and at challenging  situations, generally find solutions to problems and satisfaction — or even happiness — in life. An adaptable way of thinking helps us to address problems from many different angles, while a more rigid “set in your ways” type of thinking will hem you in, tap your creativity and limit your options. A supple mind is an open mind, able to embrace new and exciting experiences, generate creative concepts, adapt to change, and triumph over adversity. Here are three Kickass Ways to rattle your thought-cage and cut you loose to enter your Kickass Creative Zone:

Introduce Change into Daily Routine. This is basic and rudimentary, but it does get results. When you break up the habitual order of  everyday, mundane tasks, you kick-
start your brain into a “growth pattern,” stimulating the development of new synaptical connections. Here are a couple of examples…Just for fun, I sometimes hold my toothbrush with my left hand, instead of my right. Now and then, my husband changes the way he shaves in the morning — starting at his right ear instead of his left, and shaving the area around his chin first instead of shaving above his upper lip region. Both of these variations from habit require mindful attention to the task and make the brain sharper and more adaptable.

Explore New Activities and Meet New People. This expands your horizons and increases self-confidence. You’ll also expand your network and learn valuable new things. You don’t have to skydive or climb Mt. Everest to be adventurous. Never limit yourself with rigid thoughts such as, “These aren’t my kind of people;” “I’d never fit in;” “What would people think?” Reject all of the old, stodgy excuses — too young, old, broke, smart, stupid, cool, scared, etc. Open your mind to unlimited possibilities and refuse to take yourself too seriously. Focus on the fun, forget the fear and see how rich your experience will be.

Practice Mindfulness. Just take some time to pay attention and be consciously aware of what you are doing, instead of automatically and thoughtlessly executing tasks. One easy (and calming) exercise to try is to pay attention to your breathing. Notice how your lungs expand and contract. Then hold your breath for a second when your lungs are full, and wait a second before inhaling when your lungs are empty. Another area in which to pay attention is eating. Chew and savor each bite of food — contemplating its flavor, texture, mouthfeel, source and nutritional value — instead of chomping and gobbling it down just to get to the next piece. You can also practice mindfulness watching a sunset, taking a walk, or sipping a cup tea.

The quickest way to change your thinking and your attitude is to take action. So why wait? Bust a Kickass Move.

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