16, Jun, 2012

Think and Become: Scintillating, Transformative Badassitude

img0242_1Thought is power. Conscious, directed thought is a super-power. Any accomplishment, action or change in your life is the result of a thought. If you think negative thoughts, the results will be negative. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to direct your thought-power into positive channels. Begin with a positive, healing, self-enhancing thought — a statement such as, “Today I am smiling more often, thinking more deeply, and feeling more gratitude than ever.” You can say something like, “Today I am better organized, more efficient, and even more prosperous than ever.”

Take a moment to visualize yourself becoming all of the things you are thinking. Now release yourself into the emotional power surge that comes with visualizing yourself becoming more. Embrace the emotion and continue to do a feelings check-in throughout your day. If you observe yourself experiencing a negative emotion, repeat your self-enhancing statement — and put some passion into it — visualize to refresh your power.

The emotional surge primes you with motivation to action. Remember, you cannot accomplish or create change if you neglect to take action. Great achievement is a direct result of thousands of baby steps — conscious, diligent applications of effort toward the goal. Conceive, then consistently, passionately believe…and achieve, and step into a mode of scintillating, self-transformative badassitude!

“The mind is everything. What you think is what you become.” — Buddha

In the world of transformative badassitude, enthusiasm is golden! Enthusiasm opens doors, energizes, and maintains a level of fun and focus. When You’re enthusiastic about everyday life, your everyday experiences become more significant. Enthusiasm highlights your goals, gives you direction, and makes others want to be around you.

When you live in a state of joy and anticipation, each small step offers you a taste of that crossing-the-finishline thrill. Build your enthusiasm by smiling often, laughing whenever possible, expressing gratitude, and celebrating each and every accomplishment.

When you feel and act enthusiastic, opportunities present themselves and you notice them! Because you feel “up,” you know you’re up to the challenges, and you take advantage of all opportunties. Don’t hang back or throw a bucket of water on your enthusiasm by engaging in negative self-talk. Instead, be your own cheerblock! Pump up your enthusiasm and run with it.

But don’t get so wrapped up in your meditation practice and visualization that you isolate yourself. During the kickass personal transformation process, you’ve got to stay connected to your network in order to create and maintain momentum and enthusiasm. Isolation is counterproductive — avoid it like the plague! Sure, it’s important to take time for yourself, to relax, clear your head, meditate, and recharge…but if you aren’t in touch with your support network, people you have fun with, mentors, and role models, your will soon be depleted.

Reinventing yourself is exhausting if you’re trying to go it alone. So reach out and get in touch with others who are like-minded. You will return home refreshed, encouraged, and re-energized! Don’t try to drag yourself down the road all alone — you won’t get far. You’re better than that, so build and value your support network.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” — Buddha

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