13, May, 2012

Optimism as Venture Capital: Invest Today!

img0342Optimism is capital, it’s premium metaphysical real estate, the domain of Kickass Personal Transformation. When you invest in optimism, you get back heavy returns. How you think about yourself, life, and others determines the quality of your experiences, your worldview, and your impact on the rest of humanity and nature, so why not engage in a proactively positive outlook? The process is simple, effective, and can be initiated instantly by harnessing the power of the present moment. Cultivate your “now” awareness, and begin creating thoughts and feelings of joy, love, and the certainty that good things are coming your way. The choice is yours — you hold the key to your own happiness, so find what pocket it’s stashed in.

Happiness is with you now, it’s all around you, and when you begin to acknowledge the bliss, opportunity, and peace which lies at the center of each moment of life, you awaken to your own boundless potential for positive change, creativity, health, and prosperity. When you begin to employ the tools which will build your positive mindset, you’ll uncover negative thought patterns that have been sapping your optimism reserves. That’s totally cool because it means your tools are working!

Some handy items for your cognitive toolkit include mantras, visualization, and positive self-talk. Mantras are brief, often alliterative phrases you repeat to yourself throughout the day in order to program your unconscious mind to create a sense that the glass, so to speak, is half full, or even brimming. “Life is good,” has been a mantra of mine for many years, and it never fails to pump up my neuronal pathways with good neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

Visualization helps you “see” your dreams unfold in the moment. If you can see it, you can build it, create it, accomplish it, experience it. When you visualize, be sure to allow yourself to luxuriate in a powerful positive feeling. This emotional connection will anchor the visual image and turbo-charge the power of the moment to attract the good thing you’re visualizing.

Resist the tendency to think negative thoughts about yourself, others, your past, or your future. Negative thoughts or statements can lead to a negative emotional “quicksand” that can trap you and drag you down. Be mindful of how you perceive your past negative experiences — that is, disappointments, perceived failures, losses, etc. It’s tremendously liberating to look back and recognize the strengths and abilities which have carried you through adversities and obstacles to where you are now. Celebrate your accomplishments, strengths, and victories.

Human brains possess a wonderful ability to repair, rebuild, and refresh. All you need to do is help your brain out a little bit, and you’ll soon experience the benefits. Exercise is important, because when you’re building your muscles, you’re building your brain. A healthy diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein will give your brain the nutrients it needs to maintain your levels of “feel good chemicals.”

Turn your back on regretting what’s behind you, or fearing what may lie ahead on your journey. Ask, “What’s next?” Invest in now, and in the beauty and promise of what lies ahead. Harness the infinite power of the present moment and ride it into a bright future.

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