6, Mar, 2012

Badassitude: Power to Choose Laughter, Fun, and Enthusiasm

img0043Life is challenging but so very beautiful. Sixteen years ago, I woke up to the reality of life — and learned that I have the power to choose how I think, feel, and act. I discovered that there is a solution to every problem which presents itself in life, and that discovery is made by living in the present moment, embracing and celebrating the beauty of life. Gratitude, love, courage, and a sense of humor all contribute to badass, kickass personal transformation. Each new day offers opportunities to grow, learn, heal, recover, and share experience, strength and hope with others.

Soup or salad. Paper or plastic. Laugh or feel sorry for yourself. Laugh or get angry. Everyday life is full of choices, and sometimes people don’t realize they have the power to choose laughter and a sense of humor over self-pity, anger, hatred, envy or any of the negative emotions. Laughter is the brave choice and the one that makes you feel good. Negative emotions drag you down, deplete your reserves of “feel good” neurotransmitters such as serotonin. Laughter, a sense of humor, and the resulting agreeable mood will raise those levels, giving you a sense of well-being and happiness. In addition, scientific research has shown that laughter, positive thinking and mood, and increased serotonin levels improve and maintain physiological well-being.

When you’re laughing, it’s impossible to wallow in negative emotions. If you actively practice developing a sense of humor, it becomes easier and easier to laugh quickly and see the funny side of a given situation. Ask other people to tell you funny things that they’ve experienced in life. Hang out with funny people. Watch funny movies, go to comedy clubs, read humorous books. Exercise your power to laugh and deepen your appreciation of what’s funny. You have the power to choose, so why not choose well? Next time you’re presented with an “opportunity” to feel bad, take a moment to laugh at the absurdity of choosing such an option. Laugh, love…and live longer.

Does a big challenge, heavy responsibility, or difficult demand await you today or in the near future? Do you find yourself dreading it, or are you looking forward to it with enthusiasm? You can go at it either way, it’s your choice. Enthusiasm lifts you and empowers you to triumph over challenges — and sometimes, to even have fun at it. You can learn how to muster enthusiasm for every effort or challenge you face. It’s all in your attitude. If you’re badass enough to move forward with courage, confidence, and the willingness to laugh and have fun — no matter the results — you’ll notice your enthusiasm increasing.

Fear of failure and anxiety about results can put a damper on your enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment. Allow yourself to dwell in the moment — do a meditation check-in, or find an emotional anchor. One way to get anchored emotionally is to find a purpose outside yourself, a “greater good.” Some efforts are sacrifices, so if you remind yourself you’re benefiting a cause, or loved ones, for instance, you’ll discover a deeper reservoir of strength and energy within. Sometimes you don’t even realize the good you’re doing through your efforts, and simply accepting that can bring serenity as you rise to the demands that present themselves.

What does it mean to be badass? To me, it means tough, resilient, unswerving, and willing to take risks. By my definition, people who are badass are willing to go to any length to improve themselves, create positive change, and help others to reach for similar goals. Badasses maintain a fierce determination to keep eyes on the prize, think positive thoughts, share knowledge, wealth and expertise, and cultivate a sense of humor. If you’re currently undergoing a change in your life, or you’re stretching toward a new horizon, be badass about it. Go fifteen rounds with any challenge and come out a champ.

“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.” — Pierre Tielhard De Chardin


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