19, Feb, 2012

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

img0743Never give in, never hold back. Whatever you aspire to, whatever you think you can do, jump in and do it. Wishing, hoping, and talking about it won’t get you there unless you are taking action. Even the seemingly tiniest steps forward are power in practice. My own personal kickass transformation dictionary defines “badassitude” as confidence and boldness in action, with a sense of humor. Go ahead — engage a program of action, and get into your badassitude.

Life is made up of stories. Every individual has a unique story to tell. And whether you realize it or not, you tell yourself stories within stories, each day of your life. For instance, you’re sitting at your desk at work, in front of a computer screen, making an effort to complete a given task.

What’s your story? Are you saying, “This job sucks, and I am working myself to death.”? That’s a sad story, a negative affirmation, and it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you embrace it and attach an emotional investment in it. All of this can happen unconsciously and build momentum.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself good stories, you empower yourself to reach out for more of life, experiencing gratitude for what you have already attained. Say you’re at that desk, working on that same task, and your story is, “I’m employed, and I’m good at what I do! I’m building my skills and developing a career. There’s no limit to what I can do!” Run that story, and see the difference. You’ve got a positive story now, and if you embrace it and attach a feeling of gratitude, enthusiasm, or hope to it, it will build momentum.

The secret to feeling good is to practice living in the present moment, accepting and wholeheartedly embracing it, surrendering yourself to what is now. And you can take this further still. In each moment, as you wholeheartedly live what is in that moment, refrain from judging whether what you’re experiencing is good or bad. Simply accept the now and allow your true self to awaken. When you step back from negative stories, judgments, assessments, and criticisms of yourself and your experiences, and throw yourself into life — with passion, you can develop a kickass consciousness, living full-on, which creates more and more purpose, prosperity, and value in your life.

Telling yourself good stories takes you down the runway; next, you take flight, becoming the embodiment of your good stories! You will live a powerful, uplifting reality that inspires and encourages others. Whatever you focus on, you get more of. Focus on the positive, stay in the moment, wholeheartedly embrace the essence of life, and become. End of story.

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