2, Feb, 2012

Embrace a Specific Vision for Tomorrow

img0292Positive visualization is a powerful and effective tool which can help you to reach any goal, overcome any obstacle, and realize any dream. One very important thing to remember about positive visualization is that the more specific your vision is, the better your results. Attain a relaxed mental state, and charge up your positive emotions — you can do this by listening to music that lifts you up, or by exercising — anything that increases your endorphins. Endorphins, positive emotions, and a feeling of serenity will turbo-charge your visualization. Many people use photos, clippings from magazines, or images from the web to help the mind fix itself on a clear picture or symbol of what you desire to manifest.

Daily repetition of this visualization process is essential if you want results. Also, visualize as though the fulfillment is happening in the moment, the now, not in some imaginary future. See it, believe it, and celebrate it, simultaneously. You picture yourself surrounded by, and experiencing fully, the feelings, sights, sounds, and sensations of what you need and desire. This process does take time, but if you embrace a specific vision, playing it over and over again in your mind, you are actually preparing yourself to step into the experience! As you practice the process, you develop skill so that your results keep improving exponentially. This isn’t magic, it’s science. Athletes, business leaders, motivational speakers, celebrities and people from all walks of life have reported their successes with visualization in interviews, articles, books, and onstage.

Practice joyful anticipation of your future — don’t dread what is to come. The future is unknown and it’s easy to fear the unknown, but if you’re doing all that you can to stay positive in thought, word and action, you know that you can manage future events as they present themselves.
Today’s consciousness shapes many of tomorrow’s events. Visualize, conceptualize and build your future. I know that what I accomplish today becomes part of the framework of tomorrow, no matter how small that accomplishment may seem at this point. With every effort, I invest in my future experience. And with every positive thought, every refusal to complain or worry, every kind word or action under pressure, I transform my character, making it stronger, truer, and more beneficial to my environment.

A large part of success comes from being in the right place at the right time. When the right time comes along, and opportunities present themselves, I want to be in the right place intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually so that I can see the opportunity and make use of it appropriately. All of this comes when I live in the moment, making a conscious decision to be grateful, happy, and confident.

The power phrase for today is, See it, Believe it, Celebrate and Achieve it!

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