28, Feb, 2012

Access Your Inner Peace and Serenity

img4564Peace of mind and serenity can be found in the present moment. It’s simple to engage in the mindfulness process, even though it may not be easy at first. Refrain from making it more complicated or challenging than it needs to be. Start out with a small bit of time. For instance, promise yourself you can practice mindfulness meditation for one minute today. You’ll be amazed at how much you benefit from 60 seconds of silence within.

Accessing your inner peace through mindfulness brings hope, and the assurance of a future which holds possibilities for you. As you practice mindfulness, the process introduces you to yourself, your real priorities and focus, and as you continue daily mindfulness exercises your life gains new meaning and purpose.

When you practice mindfulness, you check in to your body, that is, allow yourself to exist only in the present moment — the now — for a given period of time. Observe your physical, emotional, and mental state. Don’t worry about clearing your mind of thoughts. If a thought goes through your mind, observe it but don’t own it. Release yourself from judging anything. In this way you learn to become the observer — and the observed. When you observe but refrain from owning painful thoughts and feelings, you begin to distinguish between your true self and these negatives. They are not you, they are temporary. It’s possible for a person to learn to dismiss or replace them.

This process creates a wonderful stillness and sense of well-being. The practice of mindfulness is extremely valuable in managing anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. As you continue to engage in mindfulness meditation, add a minute or two to the length of your session. Soon you’ll notice you can add positive visualization and affirmations to the mix. All of these are tools that work — when you use them consistently. Peace is within you. When you seek, you find.

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