31, Aug, 2010

Love and Courage


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
— Lao Tzu, Taoist Philosopher

Love crushes fear! When we allow ourselves to experience altruistic love, or passion for a cause, we’re empowered to overcome tremendous obstacles in pursuit of that cause. Likewise, when we transfer our focus from our own solitary ambition to thinking about and appreciating family, friends, etc., we find we can achieve much, much more. Try this exercise, either upon waking or just before going to sleep at night: Think, “Who do I love?” Let your mind relax and visualize each person’s face or some aspect of their personality, a cherished memory. You may want to include yourself in this list. Learning to love ourselves is empowering and healing to self-esteem. Concentrate on the positive feelings — love and courage — called up by this process, and make a mental prayer or wish for your loved ones’ well-being. Next, think, “Who loves me?” Now relax and visualize each person as they come to mind. Again, including yourself on the list can be beneficial. Allow yourself to experience all of the positive feelings — love and courage — that are being released as you engage in this exercise. Say a mental “thank you,” for all the love and support you’ve received, and allow yourself to experience the desire to reciprocate. If you apply yourself to this process for a period of days or weeks, you’re sure to benefit.

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