7, Jun, 2010

Marti MacGibbon Gives Props to MMA and Mike the Pike Productions

dsc04683I am becoming a rabid fan of MMA! For nearly a year now, I’ve been speaking to raise awareness about human trafficking. Saturday I spoke at an event sponsored by Mike the Pike productions, called “Fight Traffick!” What a rush! Having worked with military veterans in San Francisco over the past few years, I deeply appreciate courage. There was a whole lot of courage in the coliseum Saturday — fighters, promoters, commentators, fans, announcers, security, vendors — every individual there was inspiring and bold! I am doubly inspired by the fact that they dedicated their event to Not for Sale, a grassroots organization that is working globally to end the heinous human rights violations committed by human traffickers! Thanks again, MMA and Mike the Pike Productions!

During my speech, I shared my personal story as a human trafficking survivor, the toll it took on me — my downward spiral through addiction to homelessness, and my ultimate breakthrough, when I reclaimed my warrior spirit and decided to fight to get my life back, or at least go down swinging. I felt the power of my awesome audience of thousands of warrior-spirited fans applauding my comeback. After my speech, I met numerous individuals who shared with me their personal stories of courage and triumph over adversity. It’s Monday, and I’m still electrified by all that positive energy! And the time I spent in the octagon? Priceless!

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