human rights

15, Nov, 2014

Award-winning Author Marti MacGibbon Speaks to SSU Students and Faculty

Marti MacGibbon is a humorous inspirational speaker, nationally award-winning author, and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. She is a survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence, PTSD, homelessness and hard-core drug addiction who turned her life around using simple, effective strategies that anyone can employ to create positive changes in their own lives. As a nationally recognized speaker and internationally known author, she is passionate about human rights issues and improving the status of women.
Marti spoke to Women and Gender Studies scholars and faculty as part of their feminist lecture series.

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29, Apr, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Speaks to California Legislators on Lobby Day, April 8th.

Marti MacGibbon, human trafficking survivor, advocate and activist, spoke to California legislators at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Lobby Day. Ms. MacGibbon was invited to speak in support of two new bills, SB 1165, aimed at preventing child sex trafficking, and SB 1388, aimed at reducing demand by making sex buyers accountable. Many thanks to survivor leader Autumn Burris, founder and director of Survivors for Solutions, who organized the group of 9 survivors who attended Lobby Day and advocated for these bills. Ms. Burris also testified before the legislature.
California has the highest rate of child sex trafficking in the U.S.

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Marti MacGibbon Speaks to Midwest Organization of Human Services Workers

Inspirational speaker and award-winning author Marti MacGibbon delivered the keynote speech at the Midwest Organization of Human Service Workers’ Annual Conference. The event theme was, “Reducing Marginalization; Increasing Inclusion.” Marti’s own personal story of triumph over human trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence and hard core drug addiction is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and to the fact that even the seemingly hopeless cases do recover. Her presentation touched on here personal story, but also included insights into overcoming adversity, self-care, positive action for change, and plenty of humor.

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