human trafficking

4, Sep, 2015

Marti MacGibbon Speaks to Law Enforcement, Judges in Indiana

Marti MacGibbon is a humorous inspirational speaker and a nationally award winning author. She has survived and triumphed over adolescent trauma, human trafficking domestic violence, post traumatic stress disorder, homelessness and hard core drug addiction. Marti spoke about human trafficking facts, issues and solutions, to judges, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement professionals, mental health professionals, educators and child protective services professionals in Henry County, Indiana. She shared insights from her personal experience as a survivor and advocate.

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5, Jul, 2015

Marti MacGibbon advocates in D.C. with National Survivor Network

Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, is a humorous inspirational speaker, certified mental health professional, and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. Ms. MacGibbon is an empowered survivor of international human trafficking, domestic violence, and post traumatic stress disorder who advocates for victims and survivors. A member of the National Survivor Network, Marti was selected to join a team of survivor leaders on an advocacy trip to Washington, D.C.

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Marti MacGibbon Provides Survivor Insights at HT Conference

Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, is a humorous inspirational speaker, a nationally award-winning author, and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. She is also a survivor of international human trafficking who advocates for victims and survivors. Ms. MacGibbon delivered two breakout sessions at the Health and Human Trafficking Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University. Other presenters included Bradley Myles of Polaris Project, and Katherine Chon of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Marti’s talks focused on trauma resolution and survivor resilience.

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26, Feb, 2015

The Sum of All Life’s Experiences

Many thanks to Melody Ruth Bromma for this wonderfully written article, published in her column in Marinscope. Ms. Bromma’s articles focus on upbeat and encouraging stories. I’m honored to be featured in one of her February pieces. The article, and the link to her column, are below. I highly recommend her column.
By Melody Ruth Bromma on
“I’m living my dream and I’m happy.” Now.
Intrigued, appalled and inspired, I relished a candid and colorful conversation with Marti MacGibbon, who shared touching truths about addiction, recovery and how she hit rock bottom in every possible way.

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13, Feb, 2015

Salute to All Survivor Advocates: We are Resilient

Marti MacGibbon is a humorous inspirational speaker, a survivor leader and a nationally award-winning author.
Survivors are champions of social justice, and united can be invincible.
Our stories are powerful, our skills are formidable, and we fight for positive change and human rights. We’re valiant and relentless in our efforts to create a trauma informed culture. I’m deeply grateful to all my survivor brothers and sisters who have created non-profits, foundations, and educational programs. Your accomplishments are jaw-dropping, and I applaud you.

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6, Jan, 2015

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Survivor Speaks

On December 31, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation, naming January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2015. As a survivor leader and advocate, I am both grateful for and proud of the work the United States of America is doing to eradicate human trafficking and to help victims recover from the trauma suffered in captivity and rebuild their lives.
Freedom is precious and worth fighting for. No one has the right to violate another’s basic human rights, but traffickers do that as part of their business plan.

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17, Oct, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Keynotes Junior League Sustainer Forum in Cincinnati

Marti MacGibbon is a humorous inspirational speaker, nationally award-winning author, certified mental health professional, and survivor of human trafficking, PTSD, domestic violence, addiction and homelessness. Marti delivered the keynote speech at the inaugural Junior League Sustainers forum on October 6th in Cincinnati. The topic was human trafficking and what concerned citizens can do to combat this terrible crime and create positive change in their communities. The sold-out audience gave her a standing ovation.
Marti MacGibbon delivered the keynote speech at the Junior League Sustainer Forum in Cincinnati.

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29, Apr, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Speaks to California Legislators on Lobby Day, April 8th.

Marti MacGibbon, human trafficking survivor, advocate and activist, spoke to California legislators at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Lobby Day. Ms. MacGibbon was invited to speak in support of two new bills, SB 1165, aimed at preventing child sex trafficking, and SB 1388, aimed at reducing demand by making sex buyers accountable. Many thanks to survivor leader Autumn Burris, founder and director of Survivors for Solutions, who organized the group of 9 survivors who attended Lobby Day and advocated for these bills. Ms. Burris also testified before the legislature.
California has the highest rate of child sex trafficking in the U.S.

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20, Jan, 2013

Sure-fire Strategies for Healing and Coming Back from Adversity

Adversity, personal injury, grief and loss can make you feel as though you have lost touch with yourself, but the truth is that adversity introduces us to our real selves. When you survive something awful, you have the opportunity to increase your personal power, strength of character, and ability to contribute to the greater good based on how you react to and rebound from the adversity.
I’m a survivor of global human trafficking, domestic violence, hard-core drug addiction and homelessness. For years, I allowed adversity to change the way I thought about myself, other people and the world, and to hold me back from recovery.

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16, Jan, 2013

Human Trafficking: I Survived, Healed and Now Help Others

My name is Marti MacGibbon, and I’m a human trafficking survivor.  In 1985, I was a standup comic with a scheduled appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Despite my success, my recreational drug use spiraled into addiction, and I became entangled in the San Francisco drug scene.  This fact, and an abusive relationship I was desperate to escape from⎯made me vulnerable to traffickers. I was trafficked from San Francisco to Tokyo and found myself completely under the control of Japanese organized crime figures⎯threatened, brutalized, isolated, and absolutely terrified.

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