6, Jan, 2015

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Survivor Speaks

On December 31, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation, naming January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2015. As a survivor leader and advocate, I am both grateful for and proud of the work the United States of America is doing to eradicate human trafficking and to help victims recover from the trauma suffered in captivity and rebuild their lives.
Freedom is precious and worth fighting for. No one has the right to violate another’s basic human rights, but traffickers do that as part of their business plan.

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23, Nov, 2014

Laff-Aholics 2014 Rocked the House and Exceeded Expectations!

Pathway residents and director Sandy Jeffers with Founder Marti MacGibbon, Co-founder Chris Fitzhugh, and Executive Producers Jeremy Inlow and Kevin DeTrude
Laff-Aholics 2014 rocked the house! The October 4th show, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Toby Theater, was the 4th annual standup comedy fundraiser, benefiting Pathway to Recovery and celebrating recovery from addiction. Founder and emcee Marti MacGibbon kicked off the show, killing with her own brand of high-energy, no-holds-barred standup comedy. Headliners Ritch Shydner and Rich Aronovitch thrilled the capacity audience, rocking the 540-seat auditorium with laughter.

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17, Oct, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Keynotes Junior League Sustainer Forum in Cincinnati

Marti MacGibbon is a humorous inspirational speaker, nationally award-winning author, certified mental health professional, and survivor of human trafficking, PTSD, domestic violence, addiction and homelessness. Marti delivered the keynote speech at the inaugural Junior League Sustainers forum on October 6th in Cincinnati. The topic was human trafficking and what concerned citizens can do to combat this terrible crime and create positive change in their communities. The sold-out audience gave her a standing ovation.
Marti MacGibbon delivered the keynote speech at the Junior League Sustainer Forum in Cincinnati.

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14, Aug, 2014

Marti MacGibbon, Standup Comic and Addiction Expert, on ABC-TV in Indianapolis

Marti MacGibbon is a standup comic, inspirational humorous speaker, and addiction specialist.
Marti MacGibbon, standup comic, award-winning author, inspirational speaker and expert on addiction, was invited to make a positive statement about recovery on ABC-TV in Indianapolis, in the wake of Robin Williams’ tragic death. The segment, which was filmed at Fairbanks Hospital, aired Tuesday evening, and included information about the warning signs of depression.

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Award-winning News Producer Shannon Dawson Shines Light on Depression

Shannon Dawson is an award-winning news producer and an advocate for mental health.
This week, on Kickass Personal Transformation with Marti MacGibbon, we’re  focusing on destroying the stigma surrounding addiction, depression and suicide. The stigma is not only dangerous, it can be fatal for those who suffer in silence. In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, many of us are discussing, disclosing, and processing our emotions: not only our grief for the loss of a brilliant talent, but also our desire to have a conversation about these too often taboo topics that should be openly discussed and treated.

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Legendary Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. is Guest on Kickass Personal Transformation

Louis Gossett, Jr. is a legendary actor and creator of Eracism Foundation.
Heartfelt thanks to legendary actor and humanitarian Louis Gossett, Jr. for being my guest on Pure Motive Radio. On my show, Kickass Personal Transformation with Marti MacGibbon, we focus on recovery, healing, forgiveness, gratitude and other transformative life forces that anyone can tap into and practice in daily life to create kickass positive change. Louis Gossett, Jr.

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19, Jun, 2014

Marti MacGibbon, Keynote Speaker at the 17th Annual Mental Health Symposium

Marti MacGibbon, CADAC-II, ACRPS, I-CADC, CADC-II, is a humorous inspirational speaker, a nationally award-winning, internationally known author, and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. Few speakers have a personal story as inspirational as Marti’s She has triumphed over such nightmare experiences as being trafficked to Japan and held prisoner by organized crime figures, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, homelessness, and hard-core drug addiction. Today, she shares her story to help others discover greater hope, motivation, self-empowerment, and positive change.

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18, May, 2014

Marti MacGibbon interviews Mary Kennedy on “Kickass Personal Transformation”

I’m so excited to have hilarious comedienne, actor, and radio host Mary Kennedy on my show! My friendship with Mary goes back to my years in professional standup, when I was based out of Los Angeles. I’ve shared the stage with Mary and am also a fan of her work.
Mary’s comedy has been seen on Comedy Central, SPIKE and USA Network. In Los Angeles, she’s a regular at the Laugh Factory and the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
In New York City she appeared at Caroline’s, Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club and Standup New York.

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29, Apr, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Speaks to Midwest Organization of Human Services Workers

Inspirational speaker and award-winning author Marti MacGibbon delivered the keynote speech at the Midwest Organization of Human Service Workers’ Annual Conference. The event theme was, “Reducing Marginalization; Increasing Inclusion.” Marti’s own personal story of triumph over human trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence and hard core drug addiction is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and to the fact that even the seemingly hopeless cases do recover. Her presentation touched on here personal story, but also included insights into overcoming adversity, self-care, positive action for change, and plenty of humor.

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18, Feb, 2014

Marti MacGibbon Delivers Endnote Speech at ACNL Annual Conference in Monterey

Inspirational humorous speaker Marti MacGibbon delivered the endnote speech at the Association of California Nurse Leaders’ 36th Annual Conference, “Oceans of Opportunity: The Next Wave of Nurse Leadership”. The conference, held at the Portola Hotel and Spa in beautiful Monterey California, addressed the challenges and changes facing nursing teams in the coming year.
Marti’s uplifting, high energy presentation affirmed, encouraged and supported nurse leaders, and provided tips on stress management and building resilience, with plenty of humor.

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